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PHP: filter_var - Manual

Value to filter. Note that scalar values are converted to string internally before they are filtered. filter. The ID of ... crisp at tweakers dot net ...


function(actual, expected) true false Comparator which is used in determining if values retrieved using expression (when it is not a function) should be considered a match based on the expected value (from the filter expression) and actual value (from the object in the array).

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Filter and Display Data with ASP.NET MVC (Part 2)–Partial ...

In the previous blog post the sample to filter and display data with Formula 1 racers filtered by the country was started with ASP.NET MVC3. The first part created the model using the ADO.NET Entity Framework to map the Racers table to the Racer type, a controller to return filtered racers, and a … - Productos

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filter() - DataTables

function filter( fn ) Description: Iterate over the result set of an API instance and test each item, creating a new instance from those items which pass. Parameters:

Filtrar datos dentro de un DataTable – El Bruno

Usualmente cuando trabajamos con un objeto DataTable, nos vemos en la necesidad de filtrar los datos del mismo. Para esto podemos usar un DataView, asociado al DataTable, o utilizar el metodo Select() del DataTable para retornar un set de datos, aplicandoles un criterio.

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Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway provides granular control over HTTP traffic in the form of an HTTP filter. The HTTP application-layer filter examines HTTP commands and data that pass through the Forefront TMG computer, and it only allows compliant requests to pass through.